Company Profile

Sumipex TechSheet Co., Ltd is a 100% wholly foreign-owned subsidiary enterprise of Japan Sumitomo Chemical group. After Jiuh Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd merged into Japan Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd in 2009, we went on operating in Kaohsiung city and continuing to build a wide range of growing markets. Carrying high quality and outstanding capacity, we have been a well-known manufacturer of casting acrylic sheets in the world.

The fact :

  • Jiuh Mei was founded in 1968
  • Jiuh Mei was moved to NTIP in 1995
  • Jiuh Mei merged into Japan Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2009

Sumipex TechSheet Co., Ltd aims to become a world –class leader in acrylic-sheet industry. We only use 100 % virgin resin from our mother company Sumitomo Chemical Japan. We proudly provide a safety working environment, manufacture excellent acrylic sheets and also do care about our customers.