Policy on Responsible Care activities

As a great corporate citizen, Sumipex Techsheet Co., Ltd is committed to executing our basic policy regarding “Safety、Environment and quality. In its development process, we always proactively take participation in responsible care activities to achieve sustainable development and gain the trust of society.

The basic policies are:

  1. We will achieve zero-accidents targets and disaster to ensure a safety and stable operations.
  2. We will conduct product risk management to ensure staff and society’s safety and healthy.
  3. We will obey the laws and develop safe and environmentally-friendly products.
  4. We will enhance product quality and produce safety product.
  5. We will conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint to prevent environmental problems.
  6. We will implement comprehensive employees education and training on safety、Environment and quality and promote the awareness of community care.
  7. We will dialogue with resident to promote our Responsible Care activities and ensure we meet society’s expectation.
  8. We will continuously improve the awareness of community care to implement safety and disaster prevention、occupational health and safety、product quality assurance、Chemical safety and environmental protection.
  9. We will lead our suppliers to attend responsible care activities.