General Purpose Acrylic sheet

Sumipex® TS is cast acrylic sheet with high gloss and hard surface. The clear sheet is 92% light transmission and clearer than glass. The color sheet is bright-colored and the diaphaneity is great.

Feature :

  • Optical Clarity- Provides excellent light transmission and won’t yellow over long period of time since UV established.
  • Weather Resistance - The durability properties enable it to maintain its original strength, appearance and color.
  • Colors & Textures - Color analysis and calibration is done by laboratory to meet customers’ high requirements.
  • Easy to Fabricate –It is easily fabricated by using a variety of methods.

Application :

  • Furniture、outdoor skylight、Sound barriers、Windshields.
  • Sign、vehicle window and acrylic products.
  • Advertising display、Exhibitions、Interior design.

Available size :

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